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Watch the World Cup in Brazil

Japanese TV simulates crime in Brazil and suggests fake ID in Cup


One of the biggest stations in Japan , Fuji TV devoted 20 minutes from your schedule to present a guide on how to prevent and defend themselves in case of theft in Brazil during the World Cup . The news made ​​many alerts , among which suggests the Japanese tourist who use two wallets , one false , that will not affect in any approach to a miscreant .

The host and hostess of the program simulated an act of theft. Pretending to be a tourist, the presenter delivers a portfolio of the right pocket , which would have low amount of money , preserving the original wallet in another pocket .

" If the wallet is inside the bag , handed everything," warns journalist Fuji TV .

Early in the matter is presented a video showing people shooting a machine gun : " Is this the daily life of a place known as ' the country of the crime' " asks the Japanese journalist .

Then the TV interviewed Kunio Ishihara , Japanese who resideem Sao Paulo . Ishihara Japanese advises to beware of underage thieves , they usually pull the trigger of the gun for any reason . Thefts also occur at home and at any time of day , the respondent emphasizes .

The Japanese ambassador in Brazil , Kunio Umeda , estimates that five thousand Japanese tourists are in the country to impart the World .

Other recommendations are informed well known : do not stay long with the car stopped at stop sign ; pay attention to possible approaches for motorcyclists , especially if the driver is accompanied by rump .

During the presentation material about the possible risks to be faced in Brazil , pictures were displayed thefts on bikes .

One of them is well known and occurred in 2013 . A motorcyclist was filmed when stolen. After you have subtracted your bike , the boy filmed a PM plainclothes shoot the author of the theft , which fell to the ground .

Testimony of Brazilian narrating experiences where they had stolen cellphones and other belongings were collected .

Government of Japan also warns of risks in Brazil

The Japanese government also produced a guide that cites the high rate of violence in Brazil . The booklet informs that crimes in the country are well above compared to global standards , stressing the existence of criminal organizations fueled by drug trafficking .

Host the first game of Japan in the World , the state of Pernambuco is described by the government of Japan as a place where the number of murders is 43 times higher compared to Japan the Japanese team faces the Ivory Coast on June 14 , in Pernambuco Arena .

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